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We expect a bright future to realize mutual profits. As a rapidly developing company, we have built an elite team pursuing on perfectness over the domain and with acute insights. Therefore, we focus on a bigger goal and carry more hope and enthusiasm towards future. We’ve seen; we’ll win. We believe we can eventually create a promising and win-win future with you.

Qiang Li(Left)Xingke Chairman of the Board(Right)

Qiang Li

  • President of Glister Investment Holding ,one of the top ten powerful teachers in China and the chairman of Beijing Management College,he also an outstanding Chinese at Cambridge World, Secretary-General of China International Chinese Association,Aokang Group strategy consultant for life and General Counsel Thanksgiving Education of Huizhou City,Guangdong

Mr. Liang,our general manager took us to a lecture in Beijing which named President's Strategic Storm,spoken by Qiang Li

Xingke share Qiang Li Thanksgiving lectures

People oriented, employees with a total growth of the company

Xingke company insists to employ a person based on the principle of "people oriented" and "employees with a total growth of the company" . Our personnel allotment is mainly in employee training, with the fundamental principle is that make full use of talents and let them enjoy accomplishment. We implement employee incentive mechanism, which can mobilize all positive factors and enjoy the sense of ownership. We won good words of mouth and brand image depend on concentration and integrity in the past years.

All Xingke staffs had a happy tour in Xiachuan Island Taishan in 2011

The elites of Xingke traveled in Shanghai in 2012.

All Xingke staffs Toured in Xunliao Beach Huizhou in 2013.

The Excellent staffs of Xingke took a fantastic trip in Yangjiang Beach in 2014.



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